Leadership – Initiative – Results

SeparatorMessage from Dan on the Election Results

I am humbled by the results of the election – and I’m honored to be asked to continue representing the interests of all Islanders on the city council for another four years.

My hat is off to Kevin Scheid for having been willing to engage in the political process and for having run a very spirited and hard fought election. It is the willingness of people like Kevin who put themselves out there and run for office which makes our system work.

It has been a privilege to represent Islanders for the past 14 years. Now the work begins on the next four to continue to move our community forward. Thank you for your support and for the confidence you have shown in me. I will do my utmost to continue earning that in the years ahead.

As always, I am interested in what you think about the key issues facing our city. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and share your views.

Dan Grausz


PortraitAfter 14 years on the Council, Dan Grausz shows no sign of slowing down in making a difference in Mercer Islanders’ lives and community. He jettisoned his plans to retire from the Council when he realized that he had the skills and institutional experience necessary during what may be a very tumultuous four years ahead. Tolls threaten, a new City Manager needs to be transitioned, and some of our most important community pillars – the School District, Youth Theatre Northwest, Mary Wayte Pool, our parks, and childcare programs – are transforming and even threatened.

This is the time when we rely on a Councilmember who has proven, time and time again, that he can proactively represent Mercer Islanders, and guide and negotiate a better tomorrow for our wonderful Island community.

We invite you to re-acquaint yourself with Dan’s achievements during his tenure on the Council, and see why he brings the best portfolio of expertise and experience to the Council.

Depend on Dan to Make a Difference

“Dan has always been willing to reach across the aisle seeking and finding common ground. That ability is exactly what Islanders need to achieve the best solution to the I-90 tolling challenge. Having Dan remain on the Council will make a difference.”

Senator Steve Litzow

“Recruiting Dan to run was one of the better ideas I had while on the Council. During his tenure, he has been a major influence in almost every significant Council initiative. Our community is a better place from his service.”

Alan Merkle
Former Mayor of Mercer Island